Are You A Possibilitarian? 5 Clues to tell

Published: 25th March 2009
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A Possibilitarian is not the distant cousin of the ever famous Vegetarian or the not so quite famous breatharian. No, it is in its own category all by itself but how do you know if you are a Possibilitarian or not. Do you know what to look for in the ever illusive Possibilitarian? You can go many places and find many who say they are part of the secret club of Possibilitarians yet they are not. They are just posing as one hoping to have the rewards of being a true and authentic Possibilitarian.

Just like bird watching you must accurately identify the markings and sounds of a Possibilitarian in order to spot them and know who they are. You may be a Possibilitarian and not know you are. Learn to identify this rare but exciting specimen of the human being and marvel at its beauty.

Here are 5 clues to find out if you have spotted or actually are a Possibilitarian.

When you open your eyes each morning are you filled with excitement about the possibilities that fill your day? Are you excited about your life and the things you are doing? Do you know that sometime during your day the impossible will effortlessly be made possible?...Then you may be a Possibilitarian.

Do you refuse to watch the TV news because it's too negative? Do you understand that you create your reality and your life? Do you decide what your truth is for yourself without some anchor man telling you "that's the way it is?" Then you may be a Possibilitarian.

Do you always look for solutions to enhance an outcome? Do you find yourself having faith in the process of your day knowing that all answers you seek will arrive in the perfect time? Do you believe that there are no problems only solutions to enhance outcomes...then you may be a Possibilitarian.

Do you enjoy hanging out and being around uplifting people? Do you find that you like to listen to inspiring conversation or listen to inspiring CD's from your favorite mentors? Do you find yourself overjoyed and excited when someone else succeeds? Do you love working together to create abundance for everyone? Do you love to read inspiring books?...then you just may be a Possibilitarian.

Do you practice kindness to others knowing that if you share kindness it will bring about more kindness in the world? Do you practice becoming the most powerful you that you can be? Do you enjoy modeling your Possibilitarian lifestyle for others no matter where you are? Then you are more than just a are a light in the world.

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